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Stop Practicing

Well, last week was certainly intense and stressful!!

It seems that every student that I worked with was frustrated by their inability to focus, practice or be productive amidst their concern and fear over the election. So today, I just want to take a minute to validate everyone's need for self-care.

In conservatory culture, students often carry a huge burden of guilt whenever they aren't practicing. Sometimes, this mindset is encouraged by teachers, but other times it's driven by the over-ambitious student themself. (At least I certainly bogged myself down with guilt!!)

But can there be a more detrimental mindset?

Caring for yourself and delving into your other passions are what allow your craft to grow! I promise, it is so worthwhile to stop practicing and just grapple with being a human. You might even be surprised- time spent away from your instrument can be more valuable for your craft than actual practice time!

Anyways, for anyone who needs to hear this-- your music if yours, and you are a human!

You are a human, you are a human, you are a human. And that's what makes your art please, remember to stop practicing and just care of yourself!


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