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2 YEARS!?!

February 5, 2020 (transferred from WordPress)

Oh gosh, it’s been 2 years…I haven’t posted anything in 2 years!

When I created this blog I was in the midst of finishing my masters degree at a white-walled, gray-carpeted, too-perfect conservatory. I was so eager to graduate and finally have a chance to write about my thoughts on technique, performance and navigating the musician life…but alas, the optimism I had was quickly crushed by the tsunami that is freelancing.

At least I’m posting something now? I will admit, I’m kind of being forced to write in this blog for a class (thank you, Professor Will…) BUT, I’m certainly looking forward to start writing away the guilt and conviction that comes with 2 years of a bottled-up mind…

Happy posting to us all!


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